Manheim’s Market Intelligence product provides data-driven future value predictions on the most popular fleet models. Trends in new car sales to non-private buyers are monitored closely by the team.

In 2019 there has been little change in the mix of models preferred by fleet buyers compared to the previous year. Table 1 below illustrates the difference in first-half sales for top models. However, two trends were noticeable.

Mitsubishi Increases Sales

  • Outlander sales are up 19% year on year to non-private buyers and it is now outselling the RAV4.
  • ASX sales are up 21% year on year.

Toyota Declines

  • Corolla sales to non-private buyers are down 14% year on year despite a redesign. The significant price increase with the new series could be the driver.
  • RAV4 sales are down 9% year on year.
  • Kluger sales are down 32% year on year.

Table 1. Top 30 Models by Sales to Non-Private Buyers

Top 30 Fleet Models

Using Manheim’s Market Intelligence portal, customers can leverage Cox Automotive Australia’s rich retail and wholesale datasets to track the performance of the used car market, value cars and light commercial vehicles and view future value predictions for the most popular leasing models.

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